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Order Routing Practices

At PlanMember Securities Corporation, we value the trust you have placed in us and take our responsibilities to you very seriously. Pursuant to SEC Rule 11Ac1-6, PlanMember Securities is providing information regarding the routing of certain orders in securities covered under the rule.

PlanMember Securities transmits all customer equity orders to Pershing LLC, ("Pershing"). Pershing makes the routing and execution decisions for your equity orders, in addition to serving as the clearing broker for your securities transactions. Because Pershing makes these routing decisions, Pershing prepares a quarterly report that reflects their order routing practices.

The following link will enable you to access the quarterly report prepared by Pershing. Please enter "PlanMember Securities Corp" when prompted. To access more information on Pershing LLC's trade execution process, Click Here.

Representatives are registered with and securities products are offered through PlanMember Securities Corporation, a registered broker/dealer, investment advisor and member FINRA and SIPC.

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